No pasting under 500 posts rule? What do you think of it?

@duck2day (317)
May 22, 2007 5:32pm CST
Ok, just thought i'd find out what people think of this rul on my lot where you can't paste anything into a post if you have under submitted 500 posts? I think it's darn annoying - my interenet connection can be a bit tempremental and many many times on my lot have i spend ages typing out a response and the submit page hasn't loaded! So i've lost everything i was typing!!! Now what i normally do is just copy and paste long posts and if the next page doesn't load properly, i can just paste what i've aready typed - not much trouble!!! But i can't do that in my lot and it's driving me up the wall!!!! I get that it will help prevent people pasting random gibberish or stuff that isn't their own, but it makes it so darn difficult to post anything!!! So what do people think?
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@lucgeta (925)
• France
22 May 07
Agreed, the 500 posts to be able to paste is exagerated. They could lower it to 250 posts :) It ain't solve your problem which is legitimate but will be keep spammers at bay. In my case I have broadband connection so there is no problem of typing long responses, but it is a hassle if you don't. I myself used to write down all my messages before connecting. For good or for bad mylot pays and they require something in return.