What kind've rock do you like?

United States
May 22, 2007 5:39pm CST
PErsonally i like emo and mainstream rock. Punk is good too. Chaos rock is good too. If your not sure what types of rock there are then i cant help you sadly. I don't how to explain the differences though some are very obvious. An example is Heavy metal and emo rock. heavy metal is obviously completely different from emo rock. OThers are harder. TO a non or newbie rocker there are 2 dif types of rock. Alt raock and rock. But getting to the point what's your favorite rock type?
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• Philippines
21 Jun 07
i love progressive rock, cuz the guitarist are good! i love van halen, dream theater!! they're both great bands!! eddie van halen was the one who invented tapping, i guess.. and john petrucci is such a great shredder!! if i'm not mistaken, during his adlibs, he usually hits about 4-6 notes a second!! or even more.. i forgot! but he's great!! i like carlos santana's style too! he's great! i like the way that he makes his riffs!! i also like slash's way of playin! i cant get his scales though. but stil!! a great guitar player he is!!
@frankera (10)
• Brazil
15 Jun 07
I already like metal... Heavy rock! You form an alliance with a lot of bands a lot wild animal... All criticize the rock....but they should see as that it is wild animal!! Rap, RipRop, are also music good, and very good of hearing..... That on....Music is everything!!! Hugs....Bye!!
@limalimon (638)
• Mexico
14 Jun 07
i don´t like emo i don´t think that it is rock. i like indie music, alternative, gothic music, and heavy metal
@RaayFa (126)
• Thailand
26 May 07
for me progressive rock made me a lot of imagine, but when I want to actively, they came all heavy, punk, funk, alternative etc, I can not do my work if I play metal music :)