What are people in such a hurry?

United States
May 22, 2007 8:05pm CST
Why are people in such a big hurry these days? When I go into town, everyone is in such a rush to get somewhere or run over you, even in a grocery store. The mall is even worse. It's like if they don't get there before you do the mall will sell out. Can someone explain why the rush?
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• Brazil
23 May 07
Based on my city situation, I think I can explain... Here most of the things are far from each other and there are a lot of people living here. So we have to deal with long trips to go to work and college, and all that with not too much time and A LOT OF traffic depending on the hour we have to leave from our houses. Me for exemple, I wake up at 6:00am for college. I have to take a shower, dress me up, eat breakfast and leave to get at college at 8:00am... I can do everything in my house until at least 6:40am, but I have to leave at 6:40 to get to college at 7:30 (or later) because of traffic and because of the distance... After college, at 11:30am, I have to go to work. I have to be there to start working at 2:00pm. But I have to make all my way out of the college, wait for the bus, the bus always makes the longer way to subway (about 1 hour), then on the subway I have to wait for it (about 10 minutes) and then more 15 minutes to get to work by subway, then I have to walk a bit more to work, wait for the elevator, the elevator stops in every floor and mine is the last one, then I have to have lunch, brush my teeth and then I start to work... All that makes me be ready for work only at 1:50pm... After work, 8:00pm, all the long way back to my house with traffic. And homework, dinner, my family, my friends, my boyfriend...and of course have enough sleep 24 hours isn't enough in my country, specially in my city hahahaha Everything's so far, there's a lot of traffic even with people taking buses to try to not put many cars on the street at the same time... If we don't hurry up, we are lost :(