cycilng or walkin

May 23, 2007 1:19am CST
what do you prefer as a better form excercise....cycling or walking
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@hopejordan (3566)
• Australia
4 Nov 07
hi there sapphireswati well i want a bike but i walk at the moment cycling is good excerise but walking is much better thanks for this discussion
@Ace2242 (111)
• India
31 Oct 07
well both have there own advantages , but for me it depends upon my mood ...sometimes i like to walk if the destination is close buy ...and if my mood is different i may walk more than ten KM also. and sometimes cycling can be fun as well , including the exercise part of it . i do have my school days cycle till now but i have given to one of my frnds for use .
• United States
18 Jul 07
I think I prefer cycling more because the scenery changes more rapidly (I need more stimulation to keep my mind off the horrible act of exercising) and you get more wind in your face to keep you cool during the warmer months. Walking is the best in the winter, though, when it would be even colder to ride the bike!
• Malaysia
23 May 07
I prefer cycling, it is so much fun cycling around. You even feel cooler with the breeze compare to walking.
@el_jeffo (751)
• Philippines
23 May 07
I love to walk. Whenever I can get to my destination with walking, even if there are other modes of transportation available, I still walk. Sometimes I get off the bus one station ahead and walk to my station. And definitely I'd prefer walking over cycling. When walking, you can also do other things like think, enjoy the view, read messages on your phone, and many others, which are probably difficult to do when cycling. And it's harder to notice time passing when you walk, especially with a nice view like a sunset or in a park.