Would you ever date your best friend?

May 23, 2007 1:24am CST
We can never say where our friendship may end up.Whether to dating, to a relationship, to marraige or to just being friends. But if you were given a chance to date your best bud, Would you? Here are some answers of the people i knew. It's really nice to be good friends at first, but if it will develop farther, the friendship should not be affected along the way. For me, dating a friend is not healthy for the relationship. Stefan partick said. I tried before but it didn't work out so i'd rather not. I'd rather keep her as a friend. We're better of as friends. Mixx answered. Of course yes. I think that's how relationships turn out to be. You wouldn't end up with someone you like based on just physical attraction alone. It's actually a good thing. Answered by Miko. If your going to ask me, there's nothing wrong in dating your best friend. Even if things don't work out, the friendship shouldn't be affected. Actually, i think that's a better way to know whether you and your friend will continue your friendship in the next level or stay as friends. I would rather date a friend than to date a total stranger. I wouldn't be comfortable dating someone i barely know.
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• India
28 May 07
That would depends on what u expect from ur friendship. U see i don't think dating ur best friend is wrong after all we are humans after all. & if ur jelous kind of person it's better to lay off. But if ur good at getting over it.Then i think u better start dating!
@amgine (226)
• Philippines
23 May 07
i did and we got married.
@huilee (1010)
• Singapore
23 May 07
Well, for me... I think why not? I used to object to this idea alot, i think that it will spoil the friendship not only between u and the friend u are dating, but also friends around u.. they need to be more careful bout what they say... but now, im not against it anymore, as such a thing happened to me too... my bf who used to be my best friend... he used to be my best friend, we chat alot, play basketball together but we were really only friends, until we got in a graduation trip.. we spent more time together and gradually realised tt, we cant do without each other... thus we got together... its been a yr plus and we are still happily togethr... =)