How do I love thee?

May 23, 2007 1:59am CST
How do you love someone? What makes you want to love that person? Is it because of the way he/she laughs, acts or thinks? Or is it because you seem to agree on everything? Same likes and dislikes? Same point of views? So stop and think about it right now. How much do you love your significant other?
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• India
23 May 07
loving someone and to be loved by her/him is the most beautiful xperience..but manytimes we search for a perfect lover instead of perfect love.that's why we have to get pain in love..hat will be the way to start your love-tory is totally depends on find her ..she must be waiting for you in any corner of the world..and start a new fresh love-story..youhave not to be worry how it will start..just accompany him/her as a friend..then understanding betwen both of you will show the path..