Friend taking matter into her own hands. good or bad?

May 23, 2007 3:23am CST
everyone just found out this boy in my homeroom likes my best friend. that's not the problem. the problem is my not so good friend, but one of her o.k friends is going up to this boy and is making him upset. and after many times of trying to stop her she went up to this boy, made him cry. AND we didn't know it but it was his birthday. she keeps on asking me if it is a good idea to keep on going up to this boy and i say no. then she goes to my best friend and asks my best friend the same question . she also says no. but she still goes up to this boy and tortures him with question after question. it is not her buisness, nor mine. but she is starting to make me annoyed and im worried that i'll blow up at her. i'm so confussed, please help. what should my reaction be. oh yea everytime i try to talk to my best friend privatly the o.k. friend comes up and doesn't respect me or my friends privacy and PUSHES me away from my best friend. like she litterly pushes me. please, please, please help!
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