Is it true that if you live near an historical place you underestimate it?

@opinione (749)
May 23, 2007 4:44am CST
Is this the reason of vandalism and spotting? In our country historical remnants are everywhere but I think that almost everyone is aware of their value and importance, it depends on the education that we receive at school I think. Vandalism in our country is fortunately infrequent and due to local socioeconomic problems and ignorance.
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• United States
9 Jun 07
It depends on how you are taught too. If you are brought up to respect historical places, eventhough you may not have studied it in school, you will never deface them.But history has to be important. Here in The States,we don't respect or care about history.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
29 May 07
well not only vandalism, but if you are lucky enough to live near a historical site, you tend to not really think that it is a big deal...
@nicolec (2673)
• United States
29 May 07
I live in a very historical city. The US Civil War started here. To me, I appreciate all of it. I love learning the history of this city and I think it gives it it's charm. But for some, I think they could care less. I know lots of people who live here and have never visited the historical sites. Fortunatly, we don't have the vandilism. There are lots of tourists each year, but luckily things stay in tact.
@gberlin (3836)
24 May 07
I think that you get used to seeing all the time and it loses some of its uniqueness. I did live near a Civil War battlefield for 3 years. I studied history in college and even took a class on the U.S. Civil war. To me I could not get enough of visiting it. Maybe if I had lived there for a longer period of time I may have grown accustomed to it and it would not have been so special.
• United States
23 May 07
Our country don't appreciate the value of history, where we come from and so forth. I lived where there were alot of historical houses, and I loved to go to the tours, but you never hear about them or about the tunnels which have great history. They want to tear everything down and build new. It is sad.
23 May 07
Yes it is true, In my country historical remnants most of the time are damaged or stolen to sell abroad and the law can't do nothing.