Its important: I need your advice, plz suggest!!

May 23, 2007 9:10am CST
My cousin is very good frend of mine. She told me that she had an affair with her class mate but sometime later he left her alone. Now she came close to another person who has good nature, very helpful.. Now her old boyfriend came back in his life and apologize for his mistake. Now she is confused wat to do??? I hope you wil give some good advice for her!! Thanks
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23 May 07
In Britain we have a saying that 'a leopard never changes his spots', and I think your cousin should put the past behind her, and give things a go with her new man. The old boyfriend will no doubt leave her again. He seems to see her as an available fall-back girlfriend, for when he hasn't anyone else. I might sound cynical, but being a man, I know what men are really like. We are often selfish, and like to play things safe. As long as he thinks he can just pick her up and drop her, when it suits him, he will. All the best, and I hope she finds happiness with her new man.
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