what can a monitor brings me?

@fdwjay (340)
May 23, 2007 10:27am CST
this term i become a monitor at our class.i never experience this kind of lifestyle.i find i should be different from the past .i thought how my study was in the past ,while i must think my whole class every day.iam at a loss now. i seem to stand a big mountain.i can feel it fresh and frighteded.i don't know that day i change a talking-lover.iam very fraid that i will make girls and boys bored .after all i am managing a class now.our headteacher gives me a great wish .if i couldn't unite our class,how do i hand my task out to my teacher? little by little , i feel very worried now.who can help me? now i save myself now.although i have many friends ,they aren't able to know me.iam a honest person . if i report what the class is really , i feel very sorry for my headteacher . but if not , my classmates won't support my job .i will lose many friends. now i have lots of plans to write , i waste many time of my own.i have no time to do my homework and especially my study.i have taken a part in the English competition now. it is coming very soon .i am very worried about it . if i can't improve my study again ,what do my parents will think of me? iam in a dark day every day . a cage controls my thought,which make a me not fly like a bird.who can help me? who comes to save me?
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