how did you spend your winter vacation ?

@fdwjay (340)
May 23, 2007 10:54am CST
Now , the winter vacation has already passed by so quickly .well, i find the holiday was not that interesting as i imagined. you know , the weather was not very good ,so, i had to spend most of the time staying at home ,watching tv ,listen to radio. sometimes ,go to my relatives to send them my best wishes . About a week after i went home ,i heard the good news that my couson was going to get married . i was very glad to be invited to his wedding and surely ,i has a great time there . well, noting special to share with you all,but ,i am willing enough to know how did you spend your spring festival , ok ?
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• Sri Lanka
23 May 07
Wicked! Wicked! You are talking about vacations when I didn't have any. Anyway I am happy that you started this discussion, because I can use this to convince to you the value of being a teacher. Do you know that people of all professions don't have these so called vacations. Of course they can go on leave, but a teacher is on holiday when the schools are closed for three months in a year.