Getting to know Abigail

United States
May 23, 2007 2:45pm CST
As most of you know I adopted a new cat,a little over a month ago and I named her Abigail. She was supposed to be only a year and a half. When I took her to the vet she was actually closer to age 4. She has become the joy in our family. She is a large boned cat. She is calico in colored and has the tip of her left ear cut off. The vet thinks it is from being in the feral spay program who knows? She is living in the lap of luxury here. She sleeps with me either on my feet or at my chest, she is so loving yet she loves to attack my feet in the middle of the night. The tops of my feet have scratches on them from her. We have an extra bedroom with a twin bed in it. I could not figure out who kept messing up the bed. It is only my hubby and I living here. I walked by the room the other day and there was a lump under the bedspread in the middle of the bed. I lifted up the spread and Abigail looked at me and meowed. I bent over gave her a kiss and let the spread down. We have a built in swimming pool and Abigail loves to drink out of it. The other day she stuck her foot in the water. Her whole foot and part of her leg was in the water for about 2 inches. By the time I got my camera she was gone. When she got out of the water she did not shake the water off nor did she wash her foot off. I wonder if she is part water cat. When I take a bath she comes and walks on the edge of the bathtub when the tub is empty she gets in the tub. I love every minute with my new family member. I think she is practically deaf but I do not care she is part of my family and has gotten into my heart. Can you guys tell me about your adoption stories of your pets.
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@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
24 May 07
Your kitty really is lucky to have you. I think rescues are so much more spcial than if you just go one out of the paper or from a breeder. They are survivors and come with their own unique quirks, history and baggage, and the same way we expect animals to like us despite our histories, we come to love them despite theirs. I have had many over the years. Both the dogs I have now are. One is a rescue that had a very difficult background and needed to go through a great deal of socialization, work and training. The other was plain old dumped and left to fend for himself as a tiny boy. I wouldn't trade either of them for the world. They both, especially the rescue, knows exactly how good they have it.
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@gabs8513 (48715)
• United Kingdom
23 May 07
Well Sweet you know all about little Gissi here He is the most loving caring loyal mischievous little Dog about and I am so happy that I picked him 3 years ago even though he was scared and at times bit I didn't know his age but the Vet seemed to think he was 3 then so I guess my little Man is 6 now I hope he is with me for a long time I really do and as long as he is with me I will treasure every minute with him
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