When we do night shift how many hours should a man sleep

A Man sleeping after his night shift work. - This man represent me who sleeps daily 6hr in the morning after the night shift.
May 23, 2007 4:01pm CST
I am working in BPO concern in Chennai. I am doing 10 hours job daily in my office. I feel very tired. My eyes get irritated by seeing the monitor. I used to go home in the morning and have the breakfast first. Then i read newspaper and slowly the sleep starts. Then i go to bed and have a sleep for about 6 hr. daily. Then also i feel tired. I don't why it is not working. My office time is like that. It cannot be changed.
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• India
23 May 07
We should sleep atleast for 6 hours. When we sleep six hours in the night, we wont feel tired. But in the day time, there are so many chance of getting disturbed. We cant sleep continuously. We may get phone calls, some of them may be important and we have to attend it. Some parts of the body functions only at particular time. When we are in the night shift, they dont function as they are suppose to be. As our body gets affected, we feel tired, even when we sleep for more hours in the day time
@xiqechill (238)
• Indonesia
23 May 07
though i'm not working. i have the same problem as yours. :D lately my time has changed, night to day and day to night. i'm wondering if there is any effect to our healthy that we change our time body.