has anyone seen previews of the simpsons movie

United States
May 23, 2007 6:31pm CST
I can't wait to see this film. Why have they waited so long to make this movie!!
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@aXemeXa (14)
• United States
5 Jun 07
I have. And there's a preview also in the Season 9 package that I got a couple of days ago (only $19.99 at Target!). I will see this movie no matter what I think of the previews, though. Still one of the best shwos on TV, even if it has declined a bit.
@babostwick (2037)
• United States
30 May 07
I think the reason it took so long was mainly due to wanting to not rush the movie out and have it turn out to be a major flop for a major franchise like The Simpsons. I'm glad that it's going to be animated though as I think trying to make it a live action movie would be rather difficult. I have seen the commericals and it does look rather promising. I probably will want to go see this movie and then I can judge for myself if it's any good.
@Musicial (471)
24 May 07
no not yet I think the film will be out in the uk in July
@krebstar5 (1267)
• United States
24 May 07
I've only seen one or two trailers, but it looks like the film has some real potential. At least, I'm hoping that it will be good because I wasn't all that impressed with the 400th episode of The Simpsons. Then again, I don't watch "24" so maybe I was missing something. Right now, I'm going to say that it looks like the film can be pretty much in the air because the passed few seasons have had a lot of hits and misses. No matter what, I do think I am going to see it. It has been a long time coming and I've been waiting a long time to see The Simpsons on the big screen.
• Philippines
24 May 07
Hi Dirtysauce...! yes me to i cant wait for The Simpsons Movie. I have some trailers... its funny well, of course its the Simpsons... Thanks!
@jlara_gtr34 (3492)
• Philippines
24 May 07
hey there. :) yes, i have seen the simpsons movie trailer and i really am very excited to see it on the big screen. you see, im a very big simpsons fan and i really want to see what the movie is all about. its funny, i bet. :)
@wenkinnoc (483)
23 May 07
I have too have seen te previews I just hope the film isnt a cheap commercial tie-in, but actually as good as the tv series. Well we can only hope