felipe massa the man of the year

May 23, 2007 8:12pm CST
having started great. will ferrari's felipe massa take it to the edge? i like this man and hopefully he will win at the end of the season... go felipe!!
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• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
9 Jun 07
I think Massa is a great pilot, otherwise he wouldn't be in the team he is at the moment. However, he still lacks of regularity and winning mentality...that killer instinct that world champions have. From the current active pilots, only Alonso has shown those qualities. Raikonen is the only driver i've seen close to Alonso in those matters, and Hamilton seems to be good but it's still too early to say. About massa, this year is important because now he won't have the Schummi excuse to justify poor results in case the y come. It's his chance to become a super star or just stay as a good pilot.