height of helplessness!!!!

May 23, 2007 11:13pm CST
IT Heights... HEIGHT OF ISOLATION: Two persons sitting side by side using emails to communicate with each other. HEIGHT OF COWARDICE: Two persons fighting through emails. HEIGHT OF HELPLESSNESS: Receiving no emails for a week. HEIGHT OF FRUSTRATION: The email server being down. HEIGHT OF CARELESSNESS: Writing a love mail and doing a 'Send All.' HEIGHT OF TIMEPASS: A person sending email to himself HEIGHT OF EXPECTATION: Sending Indian cricket team an e-mail, wishing them to win a match HEIGHT OF REPETITION: Forwarding an email to someone and receiving the same email forwarded back to you By some one in the receiving chain. HEIGHT OF BROWSING: U r swimming in the water tank and shout 'F1 F1 F1 ' instead of shouting 'HELP' when u are unable to swim...
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