Do you take the money/coins found lying on the road?

May 24, 2007 12:04am CST
Well guys, this is the usual thing that we find in our day to day life. As we are walking on the street/road, we find some coins lying on the road. When i used to be a kid, i used to keep looking at the street while walking just to find out whether i find any coins. If i find it, i used to tell my mother about it and she asks me to give that money to beggars because that is not our money. Till today, if i find some money on the road, then i take it and give it to some beggars. How about you? If you find such money lying on the road, do you take it or just leave it as unseen? If you take it then what do you do with that money?
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@el_jeffo (751)
• Philippines
24 May 07
It depends on the amount. If it's around $1 and up I take it.