Do you always SPEAK TRUTH in myLot? Cammon atleast now be TRUE;P

May 24, 2007 12:21am CST
I was just going through the discussions and i found that everyone seem to be very good in nature. There are different discussions started on character or asking people's view on some incident. All of these discussions contain positive responses. I was really struck to see this. I started to think, whether people really mean what they speak or just to escape from negative rating we speak positively. I feel that we speak lot of lies while responding to discussions. At times even i have done that;P, but most of the time i speak out what i feel (this is true, dont think that even this is a lie;P). How about you? Are you the same like me or you really mean whatever you say? Share your thoughts! Note: Whatever is said above is just my thought. I dont mean that everyone does it. So dont mistake me!
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@wolves69 (756)
• United States
25 May 07
I don't pre-empt any of my discussions and will answer truthfully. The only time I'd edit the discussion, is if there is something that would identify a specific person. The chances of someone finding out who that person was, is slim, but I do it just in case. In any way, I don't change the intent....
• Philippines
24 May 07
oh yes...because you couldn't post long posts if you're just making it up...if you post about your experiences and the likes you can surely make a very interesting thread and everyone can definitely connect to you... i guess posing for someone who are not you is really a bullsheet...anyways, if they do so that's their way and we can't do anything about that...we got diffrent ways in increasing posts and the likes...but then at the end it's always nice to be true and real in all the things you do...pretending someone you are not really sucks big time... but then...posers will always be posers and that what made them more interesting...hahahahahaha...
@klystron635 (1520)
• Philippines
24 May 07
Honestly, I try to speak the truth in myLot. I don't see any reason why I should pretend or to put my best foot forward. I know there are lots of nice people here. Hopefully they are not pretending.