Do you respond to your REFERRALS discussion?

May 24, 2007 1:17am CST
I believe that most of us will have a complain that we dont make any earning through our referral because they are not active. Once in blue moon they may start a discussion. Only if they get response to that discussion, you will get referral earning. So what do you do? Do you respond to the discussion that your referral starts just for the sake of increasing your earning or do you see for quality to respond it. Well speaking frankly i do respond to my referrals discussion, if i have anything to say. If i dont find anything to comment then i dont respond to their discussion. Your comments!
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• Philippines
24 May 07
i do not have any referral at all until now. but, if i have one, i will surely support the person throughout. i owe it to her/him to post my responses unto all of those discusssions. i will not respond to a discussion my referral has started, if and only if, i have no idea at all at what she/he is discussing about.