hide or frankness, if you do something batray your lover ?

May 24, 2007 2:54am CST
In love or in marriage, when batray happened , if we should tell the truth to the one who don't know this or hide this fact and perfect that nothing happened ? it is hard to answer, I think . I never have this experience but some one around me talk about this so much . most of them think it is better to hide if you don't want to go away from this relationship . what about you ? only share your comments about this no matter you have experience or not.
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@lucy67 (819)
• China
24 May 07
first, never let such a thing happen but if it does happen, i think if you don't like to leave your lover, you'd better hide. perhaps someone thinks it is lying and cheating, but if you tell the truth, you will hurt your lover and may lose him/her. as long as you don't do it any more, just keep it as a secret and suffer from the conscience-stricken pain. that's what you deserve.
24 May 07
HIDING is LYING! If you cheat, then you are a cheater. If you lie then you are a liar! I had to live with the fact that my x was seeing men behind my back and she hid the truth from me telling me that she wasn't. I had high hopes for her return, but once I found out the reality, I did not want her back. Taht stinking ho! Don't go hiding things. Be honest. Be transparent. It would be much easier on one's self to let go and minimize the damage.