Why dont people like literature?

@lena2000 (2392)
May 24, 2007 3:47am CST
or, "why is literature so unpopular"? I want to know what turns people off of reading good lit on DA. (Im not talking about bad emo poetry or some lame fanfic here. The reasons not to read those are obvious. I mean good poetry and prose.) Do we jsut want to quickly view something, go 'thats pretty', and then write a short comment like 'wow! beautiful! ', only to repeat the process over and over in the next five minutes? Like, 'how many deivations can i view in a certain amount of time'. I thought this was supposed to be art appreciation. . . It doesn't actually take that long to read most prose on DA, and poetry tends to be on the short-ish side. It jsut looks long before you read it. . . yeah. Why do/don't you read lit?
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@5000ml (1923)
• Belgium
26 May 07
With DA do you mean DeviantArt? Well to me literature just stands for all great written works. In this aspect I really do like literature as I'm a big fan of a lot of classic books. I'm a bit less with poetry, although I do like the big classics, Poe, Blake, Burns, Plath for example.
@arsena (293)
• Germany
25 May 07
I like to read. I have autors like Terry partchett or Tolkien whom I read with pleasure. OF chourse a lot of my free time is occupied with computer and movies but I still enjoy to read a lot. As a child I din't have any computer or movies or cartoons so books were my best friends. I was spending hours and hours to read my books. I was living in those worlds: 1001 nights and other children stories.
@nicolec (2673)
• United States
24 May 07
What is DA? Are you talking about specific literature on some website. Or real literature that's in a book format?
@soadnot (1606)
• Canada
24 May 07
i like lit, it opens up new worlds of other perspectives and creative writing styles while still being relevant to most people.