Got a sweet tooth?

May 24, 2007 4:14am CST
I know I do, so when I came across a certain site I was sooo excited, they claimed that you could earn sweets for doing offers like looking at website or signing up to mailing lists and the like. Any way I sighned up thinking "can't hurt, I'll either get the lollies or not" after a month or two I got my first package, I was exstatic, I knew from that moment on that it was my favourite site and I would be a member for as long as possible. Today they made me reallllllly happy lol, i got a package with 228 lollies in it, lucky I have lots of friends and family who also have a sweet tooth to share with. So I thought I would share the love(sweets) with anyone who is interested lol this is the site:
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