music - a good medicine for man

May 24, 2007 5:06am CST
Anderson once told " Music wins where words fails" We are attracted towards any sweet music even if we do not know its meaning. The attraction of music is not in its words, but in the sweetness of the sound or "Naada". music also creates another colourful world in our mind just like this beautiful world.
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@Manoj_s (939)
• India
24 May 07
Music,mediatation and mind these three M's has got lot to do each other .Music has got to do with mind can see it if ones mind is lot agitated a relaxing music sure ly is going to relax him and if a person fails a phase in his life .u can see the immediate effect if u play or listen to inspirational music.Music I s attached to soul ,especially carnatic music and studies conducted in various parts shows that listening carnatic music has effected lot of children positive ly in their studies.and those like rap has got disturbing effect on the student also .now a days music therapy is also using by certain instruments like veena,mridangam,violin, tabla etc hels diseases. I read that the sound of these instruments can be heard if one is deep in meditation also.What will be the state of bhakti with out the music.hearing aarati or bhakti songs is enough one should feel the bliss of god