depression: sudden attack of preconscious (part II)

May 24, 2007 5:46am CST
Have you ever felt you are over a person but after some time you realize that you still love that person. That no matter what you do he/she is still the only person you want to be with?? What are the things that you think are the reason that person is still special for you.. I am still in love with this person, there was a time i thought i was over him but now, especially today i long for his presence, if i could just turn back time i'd really like to feel the feeling when i was with him, i never thought that this could be the consequence of my action and i'd really want to take back all the things i've said and do the things i've should've done. But i guess its too late it seems he's ok without me.. if he's happy i'd really would want to move on, let go of the regrets coz i know no matter how much i'd like it, i can't turn back time.. i really miss him...
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