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May 24, 2007 6:00am CST
Nowadays, it is so difficult to find a true friend. We may have hundreds, even thousands of acquiantances, but true friends are really hard to find. I remember what my special friend told me about friendship. He told me about the story of a man who found a bag filled with clay balls inside a cave near the sea. But because he was not sure about what to do with the balls, he decided to throw them to the sea one by one. But soon he discovered that each ball has a hidden treasure inside, a precious gemstone on each ball... what a waste! He should have kept all the balls instead of throwing them into the sea. Clayballs are like people... you will never realize how valuable they are unless you give them a chance to be a part of your life. But how can we tell if a person is a true friend?If we could only look into the hearts of people, if we only have the power to read minds, we can be spared from the agony of separating true friends from those who are just pretending to be one. Unfortunately, we're just human beings. But we're equipped with knowledge and intuition, plus experiences in life can really teach us some valuable lessons so that we won't be deceived by others. I consider myself a certified "survivor" when it comes to relationships, so I would like to share some tips on how to identify a true friend: 1. He/she respects your privacy. A true friend will understand if you want to be alone sometimes or you just want to keep some things to yourself. He/she will respect your decision to keep some things in private and will never ask questions. A friend will never demand that you should be with him/her all the time. You have your own life, and you should meet other people and do some stuff... alone. If your friend is the exact opposite of all the things that I have just stated, beware - you are with a leech. 2. He/she will never ask you to do things that will hurt you in the end. A friend will always consider your feelings, your capacity to do things, and your reputation before asking you to do something. And of course, he/she will not force you to do things that are against your will. I am not only talking about simple tasks here like getting a glass of water or something. A group of girls, for example, will ask one of their friends to approach and flirt with a guy just because she is the only one who's not doing it, while everybody is doing the same thing. True friends will never do that to a person. A friend will always think about your welfare on top of everything, remember that. 3. He/she will tell you your mistakes, but will never condemn you. A friend will always tell you if you have just committed a mistake, and will NEVER attempt to lie just to make you feel better. He/she will tell you directly the mistake, will listen to your side of the story, will give some suggestions for damage control, and will hug and support you all the way. He/she will encourage you to face the consequences of your mistakes. True friends are not just there to offer a shoulder to cry on. Friends are willing to sacrifice and offer a lot of things just to assure you that everything will be fine no matter what happens. 4. He/she brings out the best in you. A friend will allow you to shine, will support you to achieve all the things that you want to achieve, and will never get envious of your accomplishments. But it does not mean that the other person is just in the background. Friendship is all about teamwork - supporting, trusting, and loving each other until the end. 5. He/she will stay loyal to you. A friend will never betray you, will never steal anything from you (especially people that are important to you), and will never leave you. "He who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure." - Jewish Saying
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
24 May 07
The real friendship still exists between the persons who are totally selfless. In cities, the friendship has no value, because struggle for existence takes away their time and energy. Whereas in villages, people do have a great faith for friendship because there interdependency is part of life and helping each other, having a sincere understanding is part of their life.