Is it nice to use credit card for just small small items.

May 24, 2007 7:16am CST
I have seen many people using credit card so frequently for just small amount, even they have got that amount but they prefer to pay by credit card. I don't know much about it, Is there are any advantage in using it for small items ? what you guys says...
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@Bizziebod (3526)
26 May 07
Personally I don't have a credit card as I can't be trusted if I see something nice to buy! I don't need one so there's no need for me to have one. I suppose the only advantage of you using it for small items is that you can pay it off easier with no interest.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
25 May 07
Almost all the outlets in my place have set a minimum limit for credit card payment, so whenever I make purchase over the limit I do pay by using my credit card. I like paying by credit card as it’s more convenient that I don’t have to carry along with me much cash.
@yanstill (1491)
• China
25 May 07
well i don't know much about credit card,i've just got one recently,and maybe it's new,i like to pay anything by credit card if it is available. some people said credit card is nothing but trap,lol,i partly agree,if you know how to manage it,it helps a lot.
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
24 May 07
I have been using the caredit card to buy things whenever I wanted to buy and when I did not had cash. I feel most credit cards are nothing but debt traps.