The World That We Live In

May 24, 2007 7:54am CST
Alright everyone, due to the fact that this is a worldwide discussion site, i was jus wondering how different people view others for example, how the Eastern side of the world views the Western side. I am from England and like many people, cannot help to be influenced by todays media. We are told of troubles in Iraq and other places like Afganistan but obviously with only our point of view expressed. I think it would be interesting and especially referring to people of these regions how you feel about Britain, America and the rest of Europe, do you believe that we are intruding on your soils, making matters worse or do you think that we are right to try to help stop what is going on in the world. Also, how do you feel about terrorists as we call them, do you believe that they are fighting for your country, trying to make a point and only doing what we are doing to you or are you against them? In my view, you may disagree but terrorists are exactly that and it goes completely against all morals, killing innocent civilians who dont deserve to die. However, i can see your situation, we are killing many innocents every day and i realise that it is very tough and unfair. What are your views, it would be interesting to hear both sides of the story, both Western and Eastern views on the subject.
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@vamsi38 (64)
• India
19 Aug 07
i appreciate u ,whoever u are, for starting this topic.I am from india and my views match with some of urs. we too are one of the terrorist hit countries and i support the anti-terrorist war . but i feel that iraq is being exploited for its petrol apart from the war and innocent lives are also lost .and apart from these we never hate u except 4 the colonial rule ... and i watch many english movies .and coming to US we sometimes feel that it plays games with others 4 its own interests and u guys support it . above all these i always want to visit europe and states...
@snowflake5 (1579)
• United States
18 Aug 07
This is a good topic. I'm from Britain too and would like to know how others view us. My guess is that people in the East (India, China, Japan, Middle East) are as influenced by their media as we are by ours. I have read the Asia Times online (which is HongKong based) and they seem to be very anti-American, whereas the Indian newspapers seem to be pro-west. And I expect people in the Middle East hate us! I would think that people in all these countries take their cue from their media, so that people in China and the Far east, and in the Middle East don't like us very much, while people in India are more inclined to like us (still slightly anti-colonial, but they've moved on and are aspirational and are looking to the future). India of course suffers from as much Islamic based terrorism as we do, so they are probably more sympathetic to us for that reason.