what to do with 4 whole days and nights?

May 24, 2007 8:16am CST
i am a single mother, i spend all my time either with my son, or waiting for my son to get back from school... well next week he has a half term break, and he will be spending from sunday through to thursday with my mum, so i will be more or less free to do as i please... only more or less because i have my dog too look after still lol. but what shall i do for these 4 days and nights? i never spend time away from him, i don't get baby sitters in so i can have a night out and i don't drink very often anyway, so pubs and clubs are out of the question, plus it's week days/nights that i have all this time to myself. i know i am going to miss him, and possibly feel a little like a bycicle with a wheel missing, but i know i will enjoy the peace and quiet of it all lol. any ideas mylotians?
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28 Nov 07
get some inspiration. do something new. make some meals, cooking, new recipe. give a present to someone.