My rating has decreased...again!!!

May 24, 2007 8:39am CST
My star rating has decreased again... This time, it has decreased to 79 out of 8, giving me the yellow star... What is going on with mylot lately? I mean, I understand one point decrease, but 15 point in a couple hours?? That's ridiculous... But I notice that it doesn't only happen to me... I know that a lot of friends who usually had the blue star 10 has got their star ratings lowered, too... Does this happen to mylot a lot? I have just got disappointed with my rating decreased from 10 to 9... And now, it becomes 8... What is happening here???
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• Sri Lanka
24 May 07
Earlier when I saw these discussions about stars falling I didn't bother much. But just now I noticed that my star has gone from Yellow to White or 8 to 7. My popularity was 84 per cent but now it reads 74 per cent. I think 'mylot' would have done this in order to give us a challenge to score again. So we'll do it. No body's going to jail, so why worry.
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• United States
24 May 07
They did it to the whole myLot community, there are no 10's now, everyone that was a 10 is now an 8, I had a rating of 98/100 and went to 83/100 overnight, I am furious
@gharinder (2044)
• India
24 May 07
i am too worried and shocked by this kind of behaviour of mylot, well its really strange, and totally depressed
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
24 May 07
My star rating went from 99 to 83 over night. I have had a blue star always, and a 99 rating for weeks and weeks. No change. Then poof: 83. I think it must be a flaw somewhere, or mylot has changed the ratingsystem some how. Today I have not seen anyone with better than a yellow star. I find that very strange as many many of my frineds had blue stars yesterday.