What happened to my star rating ?

@RAMONES (537)
May 24, 2007 10:42am CST
The last few days I had and answered the usual innocent discussions... Suddenly today I noticed my star rating went down a bit, and don't know for what reason! And looking around I saw I'm not the only one... What is going on ? Is MyLot framing us? Is there a hacker around?
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• Philippines
6 Jun 07
Maybe, some people gave you "down" ratings thats why your star rating went down. It might be caused by some people who didnt like your responses or by some who were jealous because of your success here, so, they give you negative ratings so you would flunctuate. Its not for us to tell right now but whats important is that youre still with us and still trying your best to respond with sense all the time. Im sure mylot is already doing something to find out if there are really hackers here. Anyway their reputation would also be ruined if ever there are hackers playing with myLotians' star ratings.
@RAMONES (537)
• Belgium
6 Jun 07
No no no, right now everything is OK again! This was an earlier discussion and at that time there was some sort of glitch.... Everything is back to normal again :-)
• United States
30 May 07
The so called "glitch" only lasted a day or two. The My Lot staff was very prompt in dealing with it. And, from what I can tell all was restored. Lately, noone has been complaining of missing stars or lower ratings. So, the threat may have passed.
@terri0824 (4991)
• United States
24 May 07
There was an earlier discussion posted, saying that My Lot is aware of the glitch and looking into it.