I Just Don't Think It is Right, What do you think?

By Jodi
@jeanena (1616)
Bucklin, Kansas
May 24, 2007 11:35am CST
Somemore about Greensburg Kansas, I dont think it is right what the city government is pulling now. They are taking all the property North of highway 54 to make an Idustial Park . My cousin is amongst the property owners there in Greensburg, and apparently the way they made it sound was that they arent going to pay all these property owners for their property. I purely dont think this is right . It sounds more like communism than a democratic government. My moms property is in the south eastern part of town so they wont be taking hers . But she is going to sell her property to the cousin that is being screwed over by the city government at a big loss so he will have some place to build a home for his wife and girls . I would like some input from people , what should these property owners that are losing their property do ? Any Ideas people?
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@momto2b2g (217)
• United States
24 May 07
I know that city governments can do that if they feel that it is for the good of the city in order to provide jobs and help the economy. I always thought that they buy the property from the owners not just take it. They forcefully buy you out. I don't think it's right either way. The property owners definantely need to contact a lawyer to see what they can do about it. It's just not right.
@jeanena (1616)
• Bucklin, Kansas
24 May 07
Everyone I talk to I am going to suggest they get a lawyer . and if nothing else they can buy a plan from prepaid legal . They will definately help the people