the beaty og college, do you want to go there?

@fdwjay (340)
May 24, 2007 12:06pm CST
Study is the main thing to us at college .besides it , we still can take part in all kinds of activities that are held by our school. for instance,we can participate in english competiton.Even though we can't win the first,we can learn many knowledge from it .Sometimes we could go out travelling with girls at our class. So we increase our friendship among us. In addition,i can adjust my mood about study.As a college student , we study every day so that we in fututre is not useful.i think so like this , do you agree with me? have you gone through the college life,friends? Indeed , it is full of happiness and mystery. If you can step into this position ,you will know how happily a college student live.He or she don't worry about her money and others stress in a real life. perhaps someone think they are living wrong days, they will know they make mistakes in the soon fututre.But i differ with you ,friend.because iam a undergraduate.
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