god and suicide

@soadnot (1606)
May 24, 2007 3:35pm CST
i consider it of paramount to consider whether those who due to circumstances commit suicide are really wrong or right. that question is vital because most of our teens all over the world escapes us thru suicide and with the church in our back we ask ourselves as to whether those teens are condemned or condoned. basically the arguement led by Hippo against suicide was that it violated the holy scriptures in the 10 commandments especially commandment 6 if i am not wrong which reads thus `thy shall not kill`. he argued that killing oneself is like deciding ya own destiny and no longer leave that duty on God as ur creator. the other arguement against suicide was by Aquinas who claimed that those who are capable of killing themselves are also capable of killing others. david hume argued that killing urself cannot be violating god`s law merely because if it violates god`s law then even when people are sick they shuld not receive medicines to further their lives. because medication means then u r obstracting god from his duty of deciding when shuld u go.thats seems reasonable to me.i shall leave the argument made by aquinas opened for suggestions and i shall confine myself wit the general overview. i deem it vital for those who wanna defy suicide thru god and the bible to first have all of us believing in god and the likes. before we argue about that we shuld all be christians, but r we all christians and can we all be christians? it seems impossible to me.so how are u gonna tell an atheist that by insulting u he is contravening holy scriptures when he does not acknowledge the source and the vocal of ya scriptures? it seems futile.it seems that neither the bible nor atheism can tell us about the wrongfullness of suicide and vice versa. what is the purpose of living for u? that might seem like a hard question but just look at what the majority of people are interested in. it seems like all people wanna go to school,go to college, go to work, marry and have kids and be happy.all these means total happiness at the end, meaning that we live for happiness. but what happens when ur life brings more sorrows in u than what it shuld be giving u?do u continue living in pain and sorrows and not in what really ya life was meant for. one thing that is plain is that no individual after winning the lottery can commit suicide because then lottery means living happily. that shuld then have u asking yaself a question as to whether why do people commit suicide when nuthin is going well for them.then u will get to understand that it is because they know what is it that they are supposed to be getting. since noone really wanna live in pain and sorrows, then is it wrong for those who are in the same scenarios to commit suicide
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• Portugal
24 May 07
"living is a bless"! Everithing is in this phrase. we just have to enjoy our "trip" on earth and try to do the best for us and others around..