Google, are they becoming too powerful? How can we stop them?

United States
May 24, 2007 7:16pm CST
Google is the #1 ranking search engine. But why? I seem to find much better results with yahoo and msn at least they seem more relevant. I only know this because I do Pest Control. And there is guy under pest control that is a "Do-It-Yourself" site. But he is only near the top because he built 1000+ pages and linked them all together. The site itself is crap. Especially when you can compare it to other do-it-yourself sites, like I mean that site has to be the coolest one I have seen yet. But Google doesn't even have them ranked. Of course Yahoo and MSN do. But its not just in Pest Control. Its everywhere. Plus you get all of these sites that are just pay-per-click links. So I click on a site about photography and the next site is all just sponsored links! Come on, if I wanted a sponsored link I would have click on it originally. Yet Google continues to pay them, why? Because they are making Google money! I just wish that there was a real search engine out there.
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