the girls knock spots off the boys

May 24, 2007 7:33pm CST
In learning foreign languages ,the girls knock spots off the boys. Do you agree with me ?
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• Philippines
26 May 07
Well, it's true that girls can learn languages better than guys. But guys rule in math and map coordination. Hehe
• China
27 May 07
There is something in what you say
@squaretile (3833)
• Singapore
25 May 07
yes, i agree. i think that for some reason girls are more adapt at learning languages. perhaps it's a right brain left brain thing? perhaps girls are just more sociable? perhaps boys are more spacial and analytical? is that your experience when you learnt a foreign language?
• China
27 May 07
I am very sorry that I give you a responce so late. There is reason in what you say.
@MrNiceGuy (4148)
• United States
27 May 07
Actually, yes, I have noticed a difference. I definitely think girls are better at learning languages than men are. My girlfriend is a spanish major, and I never did better in highschool spanish than a C. Most of the girls I know were way better at spanish than guys.
@dpk262006 (56048)
• Delhi, India
25 May 07
Which foreign language you are talking about? Nonetheless, Girls are more sincere in studies than the boys, I believe.