Can real madrid sign kaka atleast this season?

May 24, 2007 9:15pm CST
I think they will push as hard as they can to bring him to real madrid. But it is very hard to bring him to real madrid after they had won champions league.
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28 May 07
Although I would love to see Kaka play for the whites but I just can't see him wanting to leave Milan. He has just won the Champions League and will be back in contention for the Serie A title next season after the points cap which affected them this season. If the rumours are to be believed then there is a high possibilty Ronaldinho will be playing for Milan nex season and I am sure Kaka would relish playing alongside him as well as Ronaldo week in week out. Besides Real should go for hungrier players like Fabregas(Arsenal),Diego(Werder Bremen) or Raul Garcia(Osasuna).
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• India
27 May 07
are u crazy. champs. league winner cant leave his club like gerrard did in 2005
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@umitcicek (464)
• Turkey
25 May 07
I don't think so Kaka will go Real Madrid.Kaka is happy in Milan,everyone in Milano loves Kaka.Kaka has everything in football.They don't need more money.He is very sensational player and he may not adapt to Spanish league for a while.If Kaka changes team,his new address would be probably Noi Camp.
@Goldmoney (313)
• Slovenia
25 May 07
Real Madrid isn't good choice for Kaka. All the good players who went to Real Madrid lost their fame and glory. Real Madrid is bad choice for players, because they have so many wonderful players and no respect for them! Every player who played for Real was lost for football after few months. Only Spanish players succeed there. That is my point of view...
@Adamdog (254)
• United States
25 May 07
I agree with you that it is going to be hard for Real Madrid to bring Kaka to their team. The first reason that it will be almost impossible is because of the fact that Kaka signed a new contract with his current team AC Milan. And as Milan won the Champions League, they won't be in favor of letting go of one of their most valuable players. Real will push hard, but the end result is going to be uncertain! Cheers :)