Sad News Amsterdam will Never be the same by January 8th 2008 Amsterdam will End

@yrdib1 (117)
May 24, 2007 10:40pm CST
I'm a Member of the I Ride a Yamaha R1 Superbike, Not long ago I Organized A Trip For Bikers From London To go over to France for a bike ride, there was only Suppose to be 20 of us but i invited more Ended up 80 bikers went a big group to Organize, anyway March 17th 2007, we all Got onto the Euro Tunnel Train with are bikes and Crossed the Channel Tunnel ended up in France,and ended up Choosing To split up with the Big Main Group of 80 then it left 13 of us to Ride by our selves well 3 of us went to Amsterdam First time on bikes Crossed through The Nrtherlands Grabbed a hotel and secured our bikes,got a taxi in to the City Centre costing 50 Euro but well worth it we got there a went in top Cafe after Cafe and was so Relaxed but cutting bo the chase we keep on going Every month Cause we love it But Found out Amsterdam will be no more as there Banning Smoking in a Public Place,How is Amsterdam Going to Survive?How are we Going to Survive?Amsterdam Will Never be the Same See what this World is Coming to This is all Over European Laws Contradicts Peoples Human Rights I think Something Should Be done about it This World Will Be missing A Special part of Humanity What are your Opinions Heres your Chance to Voice them?
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@thefortunes (2368)
• Netherlands
16 Sep 07
coffeeshop in Amsterdam - Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, famous attractions in the city
Hi yrdib78, and I am an avid smoker myself and hate it that we smokers are to be banned from everywhere shortly all around the world, and not only Am*dam, and it is what it is, so we will have to learn to deal with it. maybe the coffeeshops that you are obviously referring to will have their special licence of some sort, but am not sure about that. Other than this you could buy whatever you like and smoke it elsewhere.