It is hard to live my life trying to get over my mom's control and abuse

United States
May 24, 2007 10:42pm CST
Each time I call her, I always seek approval from her. She was abusive, but that was in the past. Now she cares about money and protecting her mom from what hurtful things were said. She still seems to want control and manipulate me into thinking I am a nut case when my brothers and I all have the same horrific memories and scars. I am not the trash she says I am. I am human and have been through rough times, bad choices, and low places, only to become a mature adult trying to recover from the past. I finally moved past that and now she is trying to tell me I need a brain scan. She is sorry "I feel she hurt me". She even admit she taped some of her student's mouths shut in the '70's, but now she is a special ed teacher. When I reported her, she denied/lied saying I put the bruises on my ears, when she knows she did and why, even bit my nose!!! How can I bite my own nose?? Now, she is mad that I found out about her "trash talk" sessions w/ my family and is even mad at me because I reported her and SHe had to go in front of the Teaching Board and defend herself. How dare I embarrass HER??? oooooooohhhhhhhh
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@fawcey (928)
• Australia
25 May 07
I just want to say that you are not alone in having a mother who is manipulative and controling and trys to make you think you are nuts, I have one like that too! I should say I use to because as of July last year I have cut my family from my life, which even though they were detremental to me was still very hard. I hope you don't let her talk you into believing what she wants you to believe, your memories are real and your feelings are very real as well. Your mum does not have the right to talk about you in such a manner, and no one especially your mom should call you trash. I think if you can distance yourself from her and her ideas and suggestions it would be helpful. I hope you learn that you are a great person and have nothing to prove to her, or should you need to seek acceptance from someone who calls you trash. I congratulate you for getting through your rough times and trying to move on and get on with your life, I wish you all the luck in this, as yes you are a human being and deserve to be happy. Be yourself and be proud and surround yourself in people that accept you for you and that you do not have to prove things to or that call you trash or try to make you feel bad. All the best.