What would you call "woman's work" verses a "man's job"?

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May 24, 2007 10:53pm CST
Had this convo the other day, in regards to what is considered "woman's work", and what is considered something for a man to do. So tell me, what household chores are "woman's work" and what is "man's job"? Like taking out the trash, man's job right? How about the laundry? Woman's work, right? or is it? Tell me, Whose job is what?
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25 May 07
I think it depends on the couple and the country/culture that one lives in that determines what role is played in doing household chores. I think if both work full time outside of the home, then the household chores should be divided equally regardless of gender. But, if ones stays home while the other works then the brunt of the household chores should fall on the one at home because they have more time to do the tasks. As far as "what" chores, I guess that also is up to the couple to decide. If you absolutely hate to do something or physically can't then perhaps that should be a job for your partner.
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26 May 07
Thank you, but I was looking for a more traditional answer. And I do agree that it all depends on the couple, and what they physically can and cannot do. What chores is "woman's work" and what is a "man's job"? Like taking out the trash and cutting the grass is "man's work" but cleaning the windows and vacuuming the rugs is "woman's work".