Love Affairs

May 25, 2007 12:13am CST
Do you condone in having love affairs with another person when you are already committed? Do you think less of the person who is doing this? What would you do if you discovered that a relative or a friend of yours is having an affair? Will you just keep it to yourself or will you inform the spouse/girlfriend?
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@msBetty (84)
• Philippines
25 May 07
At younger years, i always thought that those person was extremely unrespectful of their own and to the society. But years have passed that i actually see whats behind of these actions and make me realized that they too are the victims of fate and time. What would you do if you're in a relatonship then suddenly meet someone better? hard isn't it? you cant leave the person who's with you through the ages of time just to cross the other way. Although some were just after for the excitement and thrill that it can bring, for indulging in a new feeling, and sometimes merely on wanting to experience what can it bring. The best thing to do, depends on every situation, i know everyone has their own reason for doing it, but if the person deserves a second chance and really feel sorry for having that affair, better yet not to inform the other party. They'll both work it out, they are the one who's responsible in every decision to make, not to interfere, but to understand every situation. but when time comes that it dwells on too long, maybe the person just given up the other for that someone new, then that was the time to make the abusive relationship put into its proper place.
@auLeeau (253)
• China
25 May 07
Well, who can prevent this phenomenon from living-being?