I can't forgive my boy friend!! He don't have time for me, all time avoid talk

@al87exa (720)
May 25, 2007 2:42am CST
Maybe i know others things about relationships, but i am sure that who love other, want to be with he,she all the time. Right?Or want to talk with person with who are inlove!! My boyfriend, no. He like to know that i exist, that i am faithfull, that i am here for he, but don't like to talk with me or to be iwth me. What is your opinion...you think that he don't love me?
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@Jane_07 (11)
• Philippines
25 May 07
That was hard to cope up with. He don't want to lose you but he won't talk to you. Try to ask if there are problems or another reason why he don't want to talk to you. There's nothing wrong in opening up a serious matter.
• Sri Lanka
25 May 07
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Maybe you should speak to him.. n see wat he has to say.. i use to love talking to my GF.. use to spend nights awake just talking.. but i dont think tht just caz he doesnt talk to u it means he doesnt love u
• China
25 May 07
I also encountered this kind situation.I went to ask him if there anything to happen to him.in fact he just need some times to have a rest,Not like that we thought.so you can tell him your feeling,see how can he say.if it's a good and believable answer,please give him a chance.