what do you understand from the expression

@winterose (39918)
May 25, 2007 3:02am CST
what do you understand from the expression, a rolling stone gathers no moss, do you agree with it? defend your position for best response.
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@ElicBxn (60895)
• United States
25 May 07
Look at a fast running stream. In it there are stones tumbling down with the water. Because they are constantly moving & rubbing on other stones, any chance of moss, slime or too much scum forming on them is rubbed away. Then the stone reaches a pool or larger, slower moving body of water. It settles to the bottom & developes culture. While it was rolling down stream it gathered no moss, but once it was settled it begines to collect tenants.
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• Philippines
25 May 07
a rolling stone gathers no moss- means that if you continue to move and grow, you wont become stagnant or stale. For example, a person grows old day by day and with time, technology also advances. If a person does not constantly learn and update himself with the latest technology, he will become outdated.
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9 Jun 07
I've never heard it to tell the truth. It's one of those I haven't had the pleasure of hearing but I'm sure after I responded I'll find out more. :) ~Joey
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@someonesmom (5765)
• Canada
26 May 07
There seem to be a lot of different takes on this expression winterose. To me, it means not staying in one place long enough to cultivate 'true' friendships or relationships of any kind. A person who's a 'rolling stone' just keeps moving all of the time, and is constantly running away from life, and the people who are in their life. The 'moss gatherers' are the ones who 'aren't afraid' to stay in one place, stick to something or someone, and develop lasting friendships, and close family ties. I have a stepson (now in his thirties) who's been a 'rolling stone' for many years now. As I write this, I really have no idea where he is at the moment. He's always roamed from place to place, and has an inability to put down roots. He's very fearful of close attachments. For me, I'd much rather be 'a moss gatherer,' as there's no substitute for the permanency of being settled, and developing close meaningful relationships with family and friends.