Dogs Ancestry

Janesville, Wisconsin
May 25, 2007 3:08am CST
I thought some of you may find these olds notes from one of my highschool classes interesting.. I think I only saved it because of the interesting facts.. I am sorry I do not have the exact original source. But think that my Dog, and My Cat maybe Great Great Great cousins of eachother is a wild thought.. or something like that. - DNatureofDTrain 60,000,000 years ago in the age of the Eocene Epoch, Miacis (a tree climbing carnivore) just was... and in the age of the Oligocene Epoch about 40,000,000 years ago The Powers of be transformed it into the Cnodictis Who is the ancesters of seals Ancesters of racoons Ancestors of hyenas Who then begat the Dictis and the Pseudocynodictus in the age of Miocene Epoch at 25,000,000 years ago. Psudocynodictus (a small slender animal) Then begat Cynodemus (ancester of wolves and foxes) In the age of the Pliocene and Pleistine Epoch, and the Powers at be transformed Dictis (first of the normal cats) into Felis. And just after this age, The Cynodemus was transformed into the Tomarctus. And in the age of 500,000 years ago they call this recent time. (does not sound very recent to me lol) The Tomarctus (father of modern dogs) Then transformed into... Canis familiaris metro-optimae Canis familiaris ostranzewi Canis familiaris leinari Canis familiaris intermeidus... And the Felis remained unchanged... Then 11,000 years ago not so modern.. but called Modern time... The Felis transformed into the domestic cat... and the Canis familiaris metro-optimae transformed into herd dogs. and the Canis familiaris ostranzewi turned into scent hounds, and mastiffs. and the Canis familiaris leinari turned into sight hounds and the Canis familiaris intermeidus... turned into toy dogs, and Northern sled dogs.. And then I ended my writers cramp lol, and scratched my head... and Wondered.. Why Adam and Eve chose Latin as their language to scientifically name Animals. :) - DNatureofDTrain
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25 May 07
You learned some very interesting facts at your school. I was always more interested in horses when very young. If I remember correctly all of the modern horses are descended from just 5 horses. Good job they are herd animals and don't pair up for life! I am still pondering Adam and Eve and Latin. Although all of the films have Romans speaking English/American they acutally spoke Latin so perhaps Adam and Eve did. Different languages did not come about until the Tower of Babel.
• United States
26 May 07
scientist named the animals Latin names not adam and even ...
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
26 May 07
Well, according to the Bible Adam and Eve named the plants and animals.. That was how many such and such years ago? lol... My comment about them, speaking Latin, was a joke by the way. For those who did not catch it, sorry to confuse you. - DNatureofDTrain
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1 Jun 07
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