Disgaurded Friends ?

May 25, 2007 8:57am CST
I love my friends and i have always forgiven them when they have hurt me or offened me in some way, beaiuse I believe you can love and dislike what a friend does, I can't ever rememebr a time i have lost a friend or left a friend over an issue or disaggrement, I often hear people say he/she is not my friend any more I eon't want to be around them, and I wonder what this friend could of possibly done to be disgarded, as I have been really hurt by friends and have never disgarurded them and found them to be a good friend who just made a mistake, any one who has expearienced being no longer wanted as a friend or disgarding a friend could you please share the reson or curcimstances with us, as I am very interested to know, what constitute a bad friend?
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