Effect of television or TV

May 25, 2007 9:11am CST
In todays life, tv is just like a basic need. from a younger membar of a family to the elder member, all are live to watch TV. In how many ways TV can effect our life?
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@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
25 May 07
Some people enjoy watching just a few television programmes that are lighthearted or educational. They are selective about the things they watch. If they happen to be out when programme is on that they like it will not bother them. However there are some other people that watch all sorts of television programmes. It does not especially matter what the programme is about. They often pay for extra television programmes. I know some children that are not allowed a television in their house. They play musical instruments and now that they are older do a great deal of reading. I know other children that watch a moderate amount of televsion and this does not harm them. They sometimes gain educationally from it or have lots of fun. I know some children where the televison is on all day. Their parents will let them watch anything. This can be damaging, especially if it is late in the evening. I choose to watch particular things like travel programmes. I also enjoy documentaries on interesting topics. When I travel I do not miss television.
• China
25 May 07
As we all known, there are so many families watch TV everday. TV influences our daily life in all directions of living. The important way is the way of getting the newly imformation. I watch the news report every day,so that I can know what happen round me everyday. And I also take the TV for entertainment.