It's beautiful to see someone enjoy her life.

May 25, 2007 11:45am CST
Today as i was driving back home from work i saw my friend riding on her bike and i think she hasn't done it in a while because she stays in america 9 months a year.So i saw her and she didn't had her hands on the stir and she putted them up in the sky and enjoyed in while riding off the bridge.She smiled and she didn't noticed me but i did noticed her look.She's a Christian and i could see she was happy and it looked like she could cope against the whole world. She looked so powerful.It made me happy but i bet i have a long way to go to reach that happiness she had on her face.It's great God is working so good in her life.It's awesome to see it in real life.God is great.Whenever something happens i will remember her look and everything will be okey.
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