Unwanted Contact?

@breepeace (3027)
May 25, 2007 6:54pm CST
Have you ever been contacted by someone on Facebook from your past who you never wanted to see or speak to again? I've been contacted by 3. One is my ex-best friend who moved in with me, used me, and finally got kicked out when he refused to pay back all the money he owed me. This only happened in October, but last month, he tried to add me as a friend on Facebook -- I had no trouble declining. The second was my ex who cheated on me several times, used to hit me or bully me to do things for him and who I finally kicked out after I grew the guts to do so. He went back to his ex wife, and since she's been 'internet stalking' me, I'm almost curious whether or not it's really her and not him at all, since I know they're still together. The third was my ex-fiancee. We broke up because after he proposed and asked me to move in with him, he admitted he did steroids (administered them in front of me), despite knowing how anti hard drug I was. We got into a big fight, he started screaming and when I yelled back, he shoved me into a wall. He maintained it was the drugs, but it didn't really matter since the local RCMP detachment pressed assault and drug charges, he lost his job as a bouncer and his place to live since his landlady was formerly an abused wife. He moved and we hadn't spoke since, but he sent me a message a few weeks ago and requested a friend add, acting like we'd ended it amicably or something. I didn't respond. Too wild. What about you all?
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26 May 07
I made the mistake of trying to maintain a 'freindship' with my ex on facebook-it was weird cos i couldnt quite decide whether or not i really wanted contact with him.We messaged each other for a few days until he sent a rather nasty message to my new boyfriend accusing him of trying to control me.This sent me into a rage and i deleted him from my friends list.the friends thing was never going to work cos i would look at his pictures and that alone caused me stress,that he seems to be having fun after mistreating me.We both cut contact and i think it was the best thing to do long term,now he cant haunt me anymore.