In the End

@Elusive (285)
United States
May 25, 2007 8:27pm CST
I'll never forget your beautiful smile The way you made me feel when my life was hell Just the fact that you cared And all the wonderful times we shared Though I was with you for awile I never did tell you the truth I loved you like no other But was it all in vain For in my darkest time Though you seemed right there You tore out my heart Then just disapeared I tried and I tried I called, I messaged But no one ever replied Then came that tragic day You finaly sent me a message I thought the nightmare was over That you would soon be in my arms Ohhh was I wrong It seemed I did something wrong But all I ever did was try You said let's still be freinds Yet you wont even look at me Truly I still love you Though you'll never come back I think I might have met you to soon But no sense ever looking back
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