Safety on roads....????

May 25, 2007 11:08pm CST
Twisting roads can turn peoples lives. I have always been asked to drive slow though i rarely do so. I have seen so many accidents in my life and that too where people have lost their klives on spot. Immagine one makes a mistake and the rest suffer a gruesome death, the aftereffects of loosing someone so near. The worst part is not drunken driving thats kil;ling ut the heights of irresponsibility thats killing. First we have the drunk people driving and killing others along with them, then comes the reckless drivers who have only learn about the accelarator in a car but not brakes or safety of driving, then comes the two wheelers, skidding down and offcourse no helmets to keep up the hair style and loosing life even before he could impress the girl he had styled his hair for. The most recent is the call center vehicles...too much in a hurry to make the customers smile, ultimately making family members to cry beside their grave. Driving fast is not a crime or sin so lng safety is being maintained. But how many drive for the sake of travelling from one place to other? maximum seem to be driving to end their life and take a bunch of others with them. Very sad...yet the truth.
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@angela2006 (1846)
• China
30 May 07
I have seen a severe accident,the hurt lying on the road with so much blood,which makes me feel very sad and terrible.I do not have a car and I can not drive,but I see many drivers especially those who drive a motorcar drive madly in the road.every time I cross the road,I am very very careful because I am afraid of those crazy drivers.I observe transportation rules and take zebra-crossing every time.