Looking for Knowledgeable people

United States
May 26, 2007 1:19am CST
i want to work at home and make some money to help my family out. I'm joined in with cashcrate.com and it works very very well but there is so much surveying you can do. I like to work but working outside of my household is not good at this moment in time. I like to do data entry, and customer service rep. and i've seen some websites about it but those things will tell you anything. I'm willing to hear from working people to give me some insight on what is good. I don't want to put any money down cuz to me that defeats the purpose and i don't need the usuaul scam. I've seen things that sells candles and i've signed up for it but i don't know how to traffic hits thru a web site that was given to me with such broad information. just some insight please
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